“Golden Jig”: You can vote for the most liked movie by April, 12

Online voting for the films in the nomination "The Audience Award" of the Golden Jig Award is on April 12 on segodnya.ua.

The movie with the highest number of votes will be considered the winner. The award ceremony for the Fourth National Film Award “Golden Jig” will be held on May 03 in the format of an online show. At the same time, it will be announced the winner of the Audience Award.

Movies participating in the nomination for Audience Award:

Let's dance (directed by Oleksandr Berezan)

Classmates' Meeting (directed by Valentin Shpakov)

Censored (directed by Roman Brovko)

Zakhar Berkut (directors: Akhtem Seitablaiev, John Wynn)


Clara and the Magic Dragon (directed by Oleksandr Klymenko)

Kruty 1918 (directed by Oleksii Shaparev)


Swingers – 2 (directed by Andrejs Ekis)


Foxster and Max (directed by Anatolii Mateshko)

The Price of Truth (Mr. Jones - directed by Agneshka Holland)


Me, You, He, She (directors: Vоlоdymyr Zelenskii, David Dodson)


This year Golden Jig Award will be presented in 23 nominations.